Why I Bought This: ButcherBox

This is the first episode in a new series for the DTC Voice of the Customer podcast, where I flip the script and interview the customers of top DTC brands to understand what's going on in their lives and why they bought the products we all know and love.

Today, I'm chatting with Ryann a busy mother of two from Florida about her experience with ButcherBox. There's no formal script, trick questions, or wrong answers. I just want to hear her story.

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Key Takeaways

  1. Let’s start at the beginning. Ryann’s first thought that made her open to the idea of a meat subscription was watching a Netflix documentary on what goes into the meat you buy. This could provide an interesting opportunity to get in front of potential buyers long before they search for how to actually buy better meat with educational content similar to Patagonia's Blue Heart documentary. Once people have had the first thought to seek better quality and healthier meats, ButcherBox compares favorably to the supermarket options for healthier food at an affordable  price.

  2. Compared to buying in bulk from the store, ButcherBox wins big on ease of portioning. Ryann went to through many frustrations before ButcherBox - she complained about the time and mess of preparing meat to be frozen. She even bought a cleaver!

    Imagine a campaign focused on ease of portioning for bulk buyers - "You aren't a part-time butcher. Why act like one? Cut out the bargain hunting & prepping. Zero in on the perfect cuts and go from delivered to frozen in minutes without the mess." 
  3. We spent a lot of time talking about the before and after experience of shopping for meat. Ryann was looking for better quality meat at a price that didn’t break her budget and she even did the math to prove ButcherBox was a great option. ButcherBox not only stands up favorably when compared against buying at the supermarket but also provides convenience particularly for those who like to buy in bulk to feed a family and are looking for ways to save time and reduce errands.

    Boxes don't eliminate grocery shopping, but they do streamline and minimize it. Providing a simple cost comparison calculator of butcher box vs the grocery store could help highlight this differentiation along with time related messaging like: Reduce shopping time by 2 hours a week; Less time to shop, more time to savor.
  4. The biggest gap that jumps out from this conversation is the opportunity ButcherBox is missing  to provide advice around recipe suggestions specific to the contents of each box. Ryann shared that for the most part good quality meat is perfect as-is. There isn’t any guesswork beyond simple seasoning. Whereas which sides to pair to make a full meal takes a whole lot of additional mental energy.

    By including a few simple tips for preparing the included meat and recipes to pair with it in the box, ButcherBox could help busy families elevate their meal times and empower them to put a fresh spin on run-of-the mill weeknight dishes without making any fundamental changes to the product itself.
  5. Finally let’s talk about the event of opening the box itself - If you’re stuck at home during Covid, especially with kids any opportunity to create a fun experience can be a welcome relief. Ryann talked about the excitement of the unboxing process and how it became a family event with the kids laying out all the different meats. She also really appreciated the free surprises that were often thrown in.

    The delivery of new boxes has become an event and usually means a special meal that night from the box. This could become a really interesting opportunity to capture user generated content and encourage families to share their meals from “ButcherBox night.” Especially during Covid this could be an interesting opportunity to make this delivery feel more like going to a restaurant than receiving a box of food.

Customer Inspired Copy

Ease of portioning

  • You aren't a part-time butcher. Why act like one? 
  • Cut out the bargain hunting. Zero in on the perfect cuts.
  • Go from delivered to frozen in minutes - without the mess.
  • Meat your perfect match. Customize your first box today. 

Quality of life

  • Affordable. Ethical. Delicious. You've never met meat like this.
  • Organic & affordable - delivered right to your door. 
  • Steakhouse dinner. Warehouse prices.
  • Less time to shop, more time to savor. Reduce shopping time by an average of two hours per week.
  • Order exactly what you want - the extras are on us. 

Family friendly solution

  • Feed two people, or twenty. We've got the protein covered.
  • Hungry family? Don't skimp on the good stuff.
  • Weeknight dinners don’t have to be chaos. Simplify family meals with ButcherBox.

New Opportunities

  • Include tip sheets: Provide a tip sheet in every box with meat preparation tips. These could be separated into “beginner” tips on one side and “pro” tips on the other. Tips such as: let your meat warm to room temperature; let your meat rest after cooking; identify which meats can remain pink in the middle; how to cook meat if you don’t have an outdoor grill (oven or stove). This could also be implemented as a more sturdy keepsake brochure piece that is only included in the user’s first box.

  • Side Recipes: Offer enhanced content dedicated to “sides” as this is where users still have to spend lots of mental energy. Maybe it’s as easy as taking side recipes that already appear on the website, and printing several to include in each box. Maybe it’s a weekly or monthly email that highlights your favorite seasonal side dishes. On the website, maybe it means breaking out the featured recipes by type of meat + sides for easier searching.

  • Diversified freebies: Keep interest going by partnering with other companies, such as a free or paid seasoning pairing, grill tools, etc. 
  • Cater to kids: Identify which users have children. Throw in small extras like an animal coloring book or toy to elevate the family unboxing experience.

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